Sarah’s interest in journalism first started in High School when she joined the school newspaper, The Crusader Voice. Her contributions focused on nostalgia, a commonality that could link High School students together over the paper.

Sarah won an Outstanding Achievement in Journalism award in her junior year as well as 2nd & 3rd place in short story writing and 1st place in poetry during the school’s annual Creative Writing Competition.

She moved onto working for Golden West College’s paper, The Western Sun, where she diligently reviewed items for the Entertainment section. She also covered issues that were affecting the school such as changes in tuition and curriculum.

This paved the way for the enormous amount of Internet publications she has contributed to. Her dependency on music and thirst for discovering new artists has led her to be of great value to publications wishing to introduce their readers to new and emerging music genres and artists.

This led to the creation of Kirin Media, an offshoot of Kirin Radio. This was a grassroots company focusing on the promotion of Asian music. For Kirin Media she developed serials and columns that eventually led to the company being recognized as a legitimate media agency, opening doors to press invitations and feature segments with partnering media companies.

She became a video reporter in Seoul, Korea for the esports streaming company, Azubu during the summer of 2012.

Following a summer abroad, Kirin Media was restructured as a magazine, OhKorea. The content was created entirely by Sarah, with graphic design by Meghan Ma.

Finally, upon moving to Korea, she found work as a contributor for Green Tea Graffiti in which she became a recognized as a member of the Korean press. This opened many doors and allowed her attend numerous exclusive events.

She also branched out into print journalism via local expat magazines, Groove Korea and 10 Magazine, penning a monthly column for the latter.

She is now focused on fiction writing and continues to accept freelance writing work whenever possible.


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