Web Published Work

JaME World:

“Leah Dizon – Communication!!!” published 10/11/2008

JRock Events USA: Archived as of 2012

FRESH CUTS From Japan: Volume 2″ Review
Interview with Head Phones President published 11/11/2007
Live Report – Anna Tsuchiya published 6/30/2007

Kirin Media Co: Archived as of 2013

Amoeba Culture Brings Out Ktown & Hip Hop Pride published 04/16/2012
Being A Trainee: Jaedyn Park published 03/08/2012
Brown Eyed Girls Continue Pumping Out Extraordinary Music published 11/04/11
Clubbing in Outer Space? No But There IS Galaxy7 published 05/03/2012
Couple Holidays? Korea Has 12 of Them published 02/14/2012
Fierce, Fabulous, Fun, 4Minute published 04/08/2012
G.NA Is “Really Excited” About Kpop Masters published 11/05/2011
Is Kpop A Slave To Fast Songs? The Miss A Example published 02/19/2012
Know Your Girl Groups! The Ultimate Guide published 11/22/2011
Korea Nabs First Virtual Store credits published 03/30/2012
MBC Korean Wave: SM Town & Google published 05/30/2012
Pop! Pop! Pop! Is This Rania or Sistar? published 11/21/2011
T-ara’s “Cry Cry” MV Could Be A Pretty Decent Film published 11/11/11
The Best Vlogs To Subscribe To published 06/05/2012
The Boys! How Awesome Was It? published 10/19/2011
Why Should I Care About A Pink? published 05/12/2012
Wonder Girls’ “Be My Baby” Sounds Like Christmas On Repeat published 11/06/11
X-Japan Wins At Revolver’s Golden Gods Awards published 04/12/2011
ZNS Interview published 12/05/2012

COLUMNS developed for Kirin Media Co. Archived as of 2013
Cpop Saturdays: S.P.Y., Up Girls, Nese
❤ Japan: Yokohama, Christon Cafe, Yoyogi Park, Harajuku, Asakusa


Coex Creatively Redefines Aquarium published 02/08/12
MBC Music Core: A Korea.Com Guide published 12/21/2011
Movie Theaters in Korea published 01/20/2012
One Of The J’s In JYJ And His Pizza Place published 12/17/2011
Pretty Adventure Time in Lotte World published 12/06/2011
Which Airline Should I Take? published 12/05/11
UEE & Soong Joong Ki Are Barbie & Ken published 12/12/11

Rokkyuu Magazine

Kaya PMX 2008 Live Report published 01/09/2009


8th Annual Korean Music Festival A Spirited Success published 05/03/2010
Editorial: Can Non-Asians Compete in an Asian World? published 04/19/2011
Fanclubs: PT 1 – Names, Colors and Meanings published 02/11/11
Fanclubs: PT 2 – Antis, Etiquette and Perks published 03/17/11
JYP featuring 2AM in Los Angeles published 05/25/2010
K-Pop’s Plague of Plagiarism published 04/26/2010
New 21 Member Boy Band A-Peace Reveals Debut MV published 05/14/2011
Past Idol’s Bold Perspective of Idol Relationships published 04/22/2010
SM Town Lands in Los Angeles published 09/13/2010
Super Junior Will Comeback in May With 10 Members published 05/04/2010
Ten Prime Comparisons of Men to Meat published 11/15/2010
Ten Random K-Pop Moments from 2010 published 12/29/2010
The Wonder Girls featuring 2PM in Los Angeles published 06/14/2010

Green Tea Graffiti

See all author work for Green Tea Graffiti (until 2015)
BIFF 2013: Mary is Happy, Mary is Happy published October 10, 2013
BIFF 2013: 10 Minutes published October 31, 2013
GTG goes to the Melon Music Awards published November 16, 2013
GTG goes to IU’s “Modern Times” Showcase published November 28, 2013
GTG go to Shinhwa’s 16th Anniversary concert published March 27, 2014 **GTG’s most read and shared article of all time
From the Streets of Seoul: The Impact from the Sewol Boat Sinking published April 25, 2014
GTG goes to the 2014 Dream Concert published June 15, 2014
A girl group for every girl: Ladies’ Code’s Legacy published September 16, 2014


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